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We'll detect the key & bpm of every audio file you upload. Like Dropbox, but designed for musicians.

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No more making folders. Search your catalog by key, bpm, and tags (even on mobile).

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Set custom permissions and get real-time notifications whenever someone opens your link.

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Write & record over any file in our full suite mobile studio.

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Voice memos meets notes, designed for musicians from the ground up.

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A mobile studio

A multi-track recording app & notepad with the ability to record over instrumentals

Pro vocal FX 

20+ vocal effects powered by Antares, with AutoTune & live headphone monitoring

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Use your own beats or discover thousands of originals from a vetted pool of producers.

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Everything organized in the cloud. Export to Soundcloud or socials with motion visual.

A new way for producers and artists to connect

Approved producers can share beats with over 100,000 artists on the platform. We pay you for non-commercial recordings & downloads in the app.